Featured Artists

The diverse work you'll find at Steampunk at Steam Plant.

Annie Libertini Arts
Annie Libertini is an award-winning leather artist living in Spokane, WA. Her masks have been sold to customers all over the world and have appeared on Z Nation and Gotham.
Robert LaMonte
Robert’s creations are made with found, machined and purchased items. Each item is one of a kind made with creativity and original insight.​​​​​​​
Brett Downey
With both his machinist and automotive background, Brett has found a passion in taking automotive and industrial leftovers and re-fabricating them into functional furniture, art,  and accessories.
Megan Holden
Megan's finely crafted jewelry utilizes trinkets and treasures from a bygone era. Fashioned from unexpected components, each piece is an original. Inspired by vintage movies, literature and music, she works primarily with precious stones and other naturals such as shell and wood. Megan finds happiness in rescuing lost earring and broken jewelry and giving them new purpose.
Sarah Campbell
Gadgetry Birds of the Steampunk Variety are made with uniquely scavenged items found at antique stores, yard sales, estate treasures, and from Grampa's garage. Taking apart old clocks and machinery to invent new Birdie contraptions is my favorite part of this creative process! Another avenue I have begun: taking old newspaper headlines, maps, and record albums then mixing in new Steampunk flavor to create great wall hangings.
Raven's Conspiracy
Raven Farneman's is art subtly avant garde, exploring the strange and unusual in a variety of mediums including photography, painting, and digital art.
CarLy Haney
CarLy's work is some of the most eerily beautiful work we've seen. It just might turn your arachnophobia into a new fondness for our eight-legged friends.
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